scary games for android tablet free

Are you looking for a challenging game to play on your android tablet? There are tons of games you will find over the internet. And what more, there are games enjoyable enough even though they are just for free.

One of these free games is the Play Scary Maze which you can download for free. You do not need to pay for anything to get this game. There are no hidden charges as well. And the game gives you fun and challenge.

Red Ball 4 vol 2

The Red Ball game series is one of the most successful adventure physics-based games you will find online. The game is simple yet challenging enough. You will also find the cute little red ball adorable and cute as you make it roll and jump.

The game Red Ball 4 came in trilogy. The story started when while red ball is having fun in the park, a red ball turned into red square came. He was turned into a red square by an evil Black Square. Aside from him, there are other red balls held in captive in a deadly factory somewhere which would be turned into red square too. More so, Black Square intends to turn the world into a big square as well.

Red Ball decided to be the hero. He went on his quest to save the red balls and stop Black Square from his evil plans. In Red Ball 4 volume 1, he explored the grassy hills to head to the deadly factory. It was not a smooth journey, there were lots of black squares and other obstacles along his way. Yet, he made it through anyway.

Now in Red Ball 4 volume 2, Red Ball will be dealing with noxious obstacles and Black Square’s minions in the forest. More perils were added to make the game more exciting and challenging. More caution and wit are needed as you help Red Ball cross the forest to get to the deadly factory. And like in Red Ball 4 volume 1, you should collect all the stars as you go on your adventure for higher score. Do not forget to run through the red flags which are also checkpoints. Make sure that the flags go up whenever you pass. In case you die, you will be brought to the last checkpoint you have passed.


Red Ball 4 volume 2 has fifteen levels to travel on before you finally reach the deadly factory. Make it your goal to finish each level with a golden crown. In case you got silver or bronze crown, you can always play that level again. As you play, try to complete all sixteen Achievements.

earn to die 2012 part 3

The Earn To Die game series is about driving a vehicle in the aim to reach a specific place or a safe haven. But, you will need to upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day to reach longer distance. And you will need to acquire a third vehicle which you must also fully upgrade in order to reach that specific place. Also, you are trying to escape from hordes of zombies which are trying to kill you or turn you into one of them. However, in earn to die 2012 part 3 or also known as Earn to Die 5, you will be escaping from the enemy soldiers instead.


The setting of Earn to Die 5 is during the World War I. You are an allied medic. You need to get to your military base to help your comrades. However, the German soldiers are trying to stop you. And so you need to drive as fast as you can and run over those enemy soldiers. You start off with a small medic car. Each run is equal to a day. At the end of the day, when your car runs out of fuel, you should upgrade your vehicle.

There are several parts to upgrade in your vehicle: the fuel tank, the engine, the weapon, the tuning, the wheels, the suspension, the armor and the rockets or boosts. Upgrading these parts will give better performance to your vehicle. Like the prior sequels of Earn To Die, you will need three kinds of vehicles to finish the game, the next one stronger than the first. In Earn to Die 5, your second vehicle is the army jeep for level two and army van for the last level. However, the upgrades you made in the prior vehicle is not compatible with the next ones. They also have the same parts to upgrade though. And they definitely perform better than the first vehicle.

Earn to Die 5 is another addicting and challenging adventure game. It has three levels for you to enjoy. Feel the World War atmosphere as you play. And remember that this game, just like its prequels, is totally free to play.

Clear the board in Bubble Shooter

Are you looking for a game where you need not think hard and simply enjoy playing? Do you like match three games? Do you enjoy shooter games? Then do not look too far, play Bubble Shooter Kizi now.

Bubble Shooter is an old game yet it never fails to bring enjoyment. Bubble Shooter Kizi is a modern day version of said game when it comes to graphics presentation. It is an addicting match three game where you will shoot balls to those on the board. Shoot them all away; shoot them anywhere you like. But remember that there are rules and regulations to win the game.


In Bubble Shooter Kizi, your main goal is to clear the board of all balls. To do this, you should try to shoot balls into the same colors. When you are able to group at least three balls with the same color, they will pop out. If some other color balls happen to depend on them, those balls will pop out too. The more same color balls you are able to pop out, the higher your score will be. Take note of the ball indicator at the bottom left corner. The first ball represents the next color of the ball you will shoot out. The number of silver balls beside it represents the number of times you can shoot without popping out balls. However, when you shoot a ball without popping out balls on the board, a new line of balls from the top will add up to the board. When the last ball at the bottom reached the floor, the game will be over.

Bubble Shooter Kizi is a simple yet challenging game. The game interface is very friendly too. Yu only need your mouse to play the game or to choose from the menu.

Win more in Duck Life 2

If you love to train pets, prove it once again by playing Duck Life game series. In this game, you will be training your duckling to be the best in flying, running, swimming and climbing in Duck Life 2. Grab your chance and make your duckling a real champ. In training your duckling, you need an unconditional patience and unusual techniques and reach your dream to be the World Champion.

The story goes this way. Being the first place in the first Duck Life game, the farmer had a dream to join more races. You as a player will play the role of the farmer and you are the one to train your duckling in swimming, running and flying. Do not forget to include climbing in your duckling’s skills. There is a saying that you cannot give what you do not have. So, be the first to be skillful in swimming, running, flying and climbing. Make your duckling as skillful as you and reward yourself for becoming the best trainer in the world.


During the training in Duck Life 2, get all coins if possible to add up to your cash. Your earned cash is very much useful for your duckling’s necessities. Your cash is needed in buying seeds for your duckling’s food. There are kinds of seeds prepared for your pet: the purple seed and the yellow seed. The purple seed is more expensive that the yellow one. The purple seed’s cost is fifteen dollars and the yellow seed’s cost is only one dollar. The purple seed has a big advantage in increasing your energy level compared to the yellow seed. Make sure that your duckling is always in a high energy level and always ready in a tournament.

However, in Duck Life 2, you have a Max Level. It is the highest level you can reach in all skills no matter how hard train. You need to pay fifty dollars for a ten-point increase to have your Max Level increased. Though, no matter how much dollars you have, there is still a maximum increase you can buy. Try to win the first place of every tournament to gain cash, to unlock accessories and to increase your Max Level purchases.

Redball Online

If you want to play a fun game but at the same time will challenge your skills, try playing the Red Ball game series. Each and every installment will surely put your patience to test. Be ready to roll and jump as you try to overcome obstacles along your way. In Red Ball 4 volume 3, also known as Red Ball 6, you will surely enjoy the adventure that awaits you.

In Red Ball 6, it is your task to stop Black Square from his evil plan against the world. He plans to turn the whole world into a big black square. It is also your task to rescue all red balls which Black Square seized and intends to turn into red squares. Venture into the scary factory to find the Big Boss, defeat him and rescue your friends. However, it will not be a smooth journey. There are tons of deadly obstacles along your way. In addition to this fact, there are black squares too who will try to stop you. Do not let them touch you. Either avoid them or jump on them to kill them.

Your main goal in Red Ball 6 is to reach the end of each level. So help the cute little red ball as it rolls, jumps and solve some problems while it heads toward the end of the level. You will also find some checkpoints along the way. These are represented by small red flags which will rise up when you run through them. Be sure to make the flags rise up so the game will record your progress. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed.


There are also achievements to complete as you play the game. You may check what achievements you have already accomplished and what else to accomplish in the Achievements room. You will find the Achievements room at the bottom of the level select menu. There are sixteen Achievements for you to complete. The most difficult yet the most challenging achievement to attain is the Diamond Cup. You will receive it when you complete all fifteen achievements.

Play Vex 3 for free

If talking about online games where you will have an adventure of your life, you can count on that the Vex game series will give you that adventure. The Vex games are among the most popular games online. Players who like challenges will surely love them. Your skills and wit will be put into test.

You are to guide the stick figure as he goes on his journey. Find the exit door of each levels, or Acts as they are called in Vex. However, the stick figure’s quest is not safe at all. There are tons of deadly obstacles and traps along his way such as the buzz saw, spikes and laser guns. Guide him as he runs, jumps, swims or slides in his journey. Avoid at all cost those deadly obstacles along his way. Be very careful not to get in touch with them by any means. These obstacles are fatal to your stick figure. One touch, no matter how soft, will kill him.


Among the Vex game series, it was said that the best installment is the third one, Vex 3. There were a lot of improvements made. You can play vex 3 for free just like its prequels. You can still play in two game modes: the quest or the pre-developed game or the Stage Builder mode. In the pre-developed game, aside from having ten challenging Acts, there are also nine thrilling Challenge stages. See for yourself if you can survive in all nineteen stages by playing vex 3 for free.

In the Stage Builder mode, you can build your own Acts as you want them to be. One improvement in Vex 3 is the completion of the building tools. Unlike in the previous installments, you do not need to play the pre-develop game first to unlock building packs. In fact, you can right away play in Stage Builder first and create your own stages or acts. Even so, you can still find more tools when you play the pre-developed game.

Another change made in Vex 3 is the replacement of the Achievements room by the Trophies rooms. There are forty brand new trophies to collect as you play vex 3 for free. Challenge yourself to complete all trophies.

Play Strike Force Heroes games

Are you looking for some action-packed game to play on your spare time? Or for a game where you could direct your stress or madness? If you enjoy playing war-like games, look not too long, play the Strike Force Heroes game series and enjoy shooting all enemies on sight. Play all three series and judge which one is the best so far.


In Strike Force Heroes 1, you will go through three different game modes, fifteen campaign missions and many challenges. The graphics is already innovative which is captivating enough to capture online players’ interests. Strike Force Heroes 2 also has fifteen missions in the Campaign Mode, with a Tutorial at the start. The graphics is great, not too cartoon. However, of the three, the third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, is the most improved, in graphics and in play mode. You can play all installments for free at

In Strike Force Heroes 3, you will shoot and kill enemies in fifty missions, a tripled number of the missions compared to the first two installments. Video clippings were also embedded in the game, adding realistic effects to the game. It is said that the first twenty missions are in normal difficulty, the next nine in hard difficulty and the last twenty one being most difficult. But do not get disappointment. Your success in each mission will be rewarded. You could either receive cash, a new class of strike force heroes or probably both. You will be using your cash in upgrading your heroes. And winning in each level also unlocks the next level.

The story of Strike Force Heroes 3 began with a video clipping where GlobeX is having a meeting with his allies in an unknown or secret hideout. He made an army of clones of Strike Force Heroes and plan to deploy them all over the world. It is now your mission to find your former teammates and stop GlobeX’s evil plan once and for all.

All installments of Strike Force Heroes are as engrossing as ever. You will be shooting all enemies in sight. Grab some power ups too as you fight them off. Each level has different requirements on how you will win.

Improve your previous best at Super Bike X

Super Bike X is a great flash game about bicycles. These modes of transportation and leisure have come a long way from a simple and plain vehicle into a multipurpose one. They have been used in businesses and other industries just like the entertainment world. They have been incorporated in different mediums such as movies, television series and flash games such as the one mentioned above.

Going back to Super Bike X, the objective of anyone who will be dealing with this fun virtual medium is to simply follow the instructions as well as remember them before going into the playing field. You will have a simple goal which is to ride a bike and you must drive in each track with the shortest time possible. You will not have an opponent but time. Make sure that you don’t fall off the tracks or else, you will have to restart. Beat your previous best endlessly with this great vehicular flash game.


Bank Time is the game for the bookworms, nerds and geeks

Ever imagined how does it feel to play in a game show? Well, Bank Time is your chance to try it out. Answer all the questions correctly and take home the money! But beware, questions that will be thrown are not that easy as you think. It is time for your mind to have a little trip down the memory lane. You will be asked series of questions over a minute and you have to answer correctly as many as you can.

Bank Time (1)

No passes, no life lines and no cheats. You will start at the $20 mark and you will climb in the money ladder for every correct answer. One step up and some money, and go back to the $20 for a wrong answer. You will get to bank a money after reaching the 9th step or $1000 mark. Will you go home with tons of money or will you go home empty handed? Call on your family and friends to help you score in this educational and fun game.