Annihilate Them All with Skull Kid

Are you ready for a bloody gore game? Now here’s your chance to play the most thrilling game developed by Chance, Skull Kid. Let your enemies feel your wrath and eradicate them all to be the victor. If we are talking about the length of the game, the truth is, it is an extremely short game. You can outlast the game in a single moment and kill the boss without exerting much effort. It is a well made game that will make you feel what a real action is. Skull Kid will not make you busy for a long period of time but it will let loose the gamer inside you. It is the best example of what an action packed adventure game is all about!


The pace of the game is somehow slow and the movement of the character is uneven but it will surely catch your interest. Skull Kid is a side scrolling game in which your movements are from left to right and vice versa in an office building with a small number of unfortunate workers that would serve as your enemies. Your primary weapon would be a chainsaw that will help you throughout the game. It also causes a huge damage to your foes and it can easily destroy the objects in your path. The second weapon that you will use in the next stage is a pistol and you can hide using the objects in the building to protect yourself. On the other hand, your enemies are also equipped with much stronger weapons that can kill you in a blink of an eye.


To sum up, Skull Kid is too short and it lacks a little substance. On the contrary, the game would provide a different twist in the history of shooting games. There is no need to play it over and over again. If you find the game a little boring, there are two sequels available for you to try on. The Skull Kid doesn’t have any recommendations but the series do. Even if the game lasts only for a few minutes, it will surely take you to the world you’ve never seen before even in your wildest imagination. Slice and dice your way to victory and hasten your way to that elusive success. Just always be careful because in every stage it will be more difficult. Think before you act and concentrate always to obtain that success that belongs to you.


Skull Kid will surely rock your world and bring the gamer that lies inside you. Are you ready to experience the biggest adventure of your life? If you’ve got what it takes then play this game and be amazed even in a single period of time. Your main character is a kid who wears a skull mask and you must be cautious every time because there are many enemies that will make the game more challenging. Outwit your foes and erase them from this world leaving no tracks of their unfortunate life. If you know you can win the game, why don’t you try it? Action speaks louder than words. Show what you’ve got and unleash the fury in your heart. Devastate all of your enemies and be the best among the rest.


Let loose of yourself and kill them all. Skull Kid game requires a lot of courage and a critical mind that will surely help you finish the game with flying colors. You just have to wipe out anything and everything on your sight to ensure victory. The game offers an easy control buttons and it is a user friendly game that anyone could play it. Skull Kid is a suitable game to set free of your inner desires and release your stress while enjoying this heart stopping game. If you’re looking for an action packed adventure in a flash, Skull Kid is the right game for you. Hence, what are you waiting for grab your devices and let the game begin. Can you feel the heat? Show them your true color and don’t be shy. Kill all you can and destroy everything that blocks your path to own that precious victory. Keep yourself busy and spend most of your precious time in this mind blowing game that will take you to a different level. What are you staring at? Have the game as fast as you can!

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