Bank Time is the game for the bookworms, nerds and geeks

Ever imagined how does it feel to play in a game show? Well, Bank Time is your chance to try it out. Answer all the questions correctly and take home the money! But beware, questions that will be thrown are not that easy as you think. It is time for your mind to have a little trip down the memory lane. You will be asked series of questions over a minute and you have to answer correctly as many as you can.

Bank Time (1)

No passes, no life lines and no cheats. You will start at the $20 mark and you will climb in the money ladder for every correct answer. One step up and some money, and go back to the $20 for a wrong answer. You will get to bank a money after reaching the 9th step or $1000 mark. Will you go home with tons of money or will you go home empty handed? Call on your family and friends to help you score in this educational and fun game.

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