Eliminate the hostile opponents in Road of Fury

Multipurpose game is much better than a singular flash game. When you say multipurpose, it means that the game has a combination of action, fun and challenge. The good thing about a game like this is that it enables individual to enjoy a combination of thrill, action and adventure. Road of Fury is one of the games with these characteristics. This is not an ordinary game because it involves driving skill as well as shooting vibes. To elaborate this game, continue reading this page. The player will have to drive in the Road of Fury where hostile opponents are firing at will on air and ground.


The target will be you and you must be strategically drive the vehicle while precisely shooting enemies with the use of the gun. There are upgrades available to better your driving and shooting performance. Road of Fury is an intense and crazy flash game where players will be having fun playing. As long as you play with intensity and focus, you will absolutely win in this exciting game.

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