Enjoy killing lots of zombies in Raze 4

If you are a Raze game series player and you also happen to like zombie games, the newest game in the series, Raze 4 will surely hook you more to the game. Aside from the Human Campaign Mode and the Aliens Campaign Mode, there is now a new mode: the Zombies Campaign Mode. You will be facing large packs of zombies. Kill as many as you can. However, you will have to unlock this mode by completing the hard difficulty mode of the Aliens mode.

And to unlock the Aliens Campaign Mode, you also have to complete at least the very easy difficulty mode of the Humans Campaign Mode. There are four difficulty modes to choose from in each Campaign Mode: very easy, easy, hard and nightmare. You will be earning cash as you kill enemies. Use it to buy new weapons, armors, abilities, outfits and even upgrades. Try to unlock thirty Achievements too.


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