Find a way out of your shelter in The Fog Fall.

Experience the chill and horror of a bomb aftermath. After moving to a new home with his family, the main character finds out that the “A Bomb” has been detonated. In The Fog Fall, you need to find your way out of your shelter and look for tools that you can use to repair and activate different stuffs. You play as the main character and after a couple months of living in your new home, you wake up one night only to find out that a highly toxic fog is wrapping up the country.

You will investigate what is going on outside but before you do, you need to unlock your room in the cellar and find a way to patch up your broken Hazmat suit. Click on objects to interact and use them. There are also objects that you can pick up for future use and you can use to open up drawers and locks. Solve puzzles and make improvised tools to make your way out of the shelter, so you can investigate. Watch out for the next installments of the game and discover what is really happening.

The Fog Fall (1)

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