Win the Title of Tournament of Voltagen in Electric Man 2

People usually love to play the games, which are full of challenges and adventures. That’s why actions games are gaining popularity. You will find different action game series in internet. Electric Man is one of them, which will blow you up with fun. Visit to enjoy this fun game.
Electric Man is a game series which has released very successful versions of the game. Electric Man 2 is one of them. This is a fighting game where you have to play defeat your opponents. In Electric Man 2, you have to play a role of a contestant who is fighting to win the title of a tournament of Voltagen. You will find other contestants who are also fighting for that title and you have to defeat them, if you want to win the game. If you are finding the game quite difficult, then you can use some cheats that will make your way easier.

Choose Your Preferred Cooking Game

Hello, are you new in the world of online cooking games? This is the place where you will be able to know about different kinds of cooking games that will amaze you with their concept and game play. Visit for more details.
Restaurant games are one kinds of cooking game where you will not only cook but also serve the customers in such a way that won’t make them angry. Diner Dash, Penguin Diner, Restaurant Empire is such kind of games. If you want to learn real recipes then there won’t be a better option than Cooking Academy where you will be able to learn more than 50 recipes. Cooking shows always attracts people. That’s why developers made cooking games that are based on TV show. Such a kind of game is Top Chef where you have to cook different dishes and prove that you are the best to the judges.
Enjoy Cooking Games!

Play Diner Dash Online: Download Not Needed

As a lady, you need to exercise your gaming skills as well as the managerial abilities. To get an online game that will challenge you in that manner is quite tricky. Well, Diner Dash Online No Download is a good taste for you. You can try it now. It is an online game played over the internet without having to download it. The game is based on a story by an ex-office girl, Flo, who owns a diner shop. To win customers, you must serve them rightly else they will leave and this way, you lose the game. The game order is as follows: get your customers to a good table, ask for their order, take it to the chef and bring the food to the right table. If well served, they will pay you and then you can clean the table. Continuously, customers will come and need to be attended, else they go. The game features 50 stages which are dearly tricky to maneuver. Try it now!

Bubble Shooter Game- A Great Source of Entertainment

Sometimes I go to internet to do something important but ended up without doing anything. Does it happen to you also? But do you know something? If you play Bubble Shooter online you will never forget what you want to do. Just go this site and try it.
Bubble Shooter is very simple Game. You just have to shoot a bubble with an arrow toward the bubbles in the ceiling and make groups of at least 3 same colored bubbles. When there are groups of same colored bubbles they disappear. One more thing is the bubbles from the ceiling come down so you have to shoot very carefully.
This game has a good visual effect and background sound. For free games, developer made sure that played just enjoy the game. Free Bubble Shooter game is always available in internet. When you want to play simply visit and website and play Bubble Shooter for Free!!!

A Wonderful Restaurant Game- Diner Dash

Diner Dash is a restaurant game where you have to play the role of Flo and your aim is serve proper food to the customer and earn money. Visit any website and play now.
In Diner Dash game, you need to select customers and place them in a right table, take order from them, give order to the chef, server the order to the appropriate table, collect money after finishing their eating and clean the table. Customers will come continuously and you have to serve each customer timely otherwise they will get angry and leave your shop. If any customer leaves the Diner you will lose stars and your game will be over.
To play the game successfully you need to have a management skill and you also have to serve in a priority basis. You will get this game in internet and can play it for free. So, try Diner Dash.

Enjoy a Game Without Spending Money- Bubble Popping

Do you spend a lot of money for playing games? And still not satisfied with them? Just try Bubble Pop game which you can play without spending money. Visit this site to play the game.
Bubble pop is similar to the other puzzle games which you always play. The aim of the game is to remove all the bubbles that are on the screen by finding groups of same color. In order to remove them you just have to click on them. The game does not require you to find the bubbles in groups of threes. Here you need to find them in groups of two.
This game is available in internet and you can play it for free! Playing free Bubble pop game also gives you an advantage to post your score online. You can sign up in the game center have post you score in game’s leader board by achieving high score. You will be a proud player when you will see your score at the top of the board!

How to Play Hambo Game

Hambo Game is an amazing online game based on tow pig friend’s story. Please visit for details.
In the Hambo game, best pork friends Hambo and Bacon were captured by a cop in Vietnam. Somehow, Hambo managed to escape but Bacon was still captured. So, Hambo starts his journey to save Bacon from the enemy. The aim of the game is to kill your enemy. You have to complete 36 levels where you will face different kinds of obstacles and challenges. You will have option to select your weapons. You will get 6 weapons. The weapons are bows, arrow, 2 firearms, c4, grenade and knife. Carefully shoot the target. At first 3 levels will be unlocked. After completing these levels you will be able to unlock another one. If you are able to kill enemies with certain conditions you will achieve gold standard.
Hambo is a fun game with great background music. You should try it!


Developed from the successful short flash game, Skull Kid, now Skull Kid 2 is available for all its lovers. You can find the game here: There are some minor differences you can find at the game with the previous Skull Kid. The game is started with a short introduction which tells us the reason why the main character, the kid in a skull mask, became mad and started its destruction project. At all, it is a simple reason; it has gone mad just because of his pie ate by the local sheriff. Being so mad, this skull kid goes to an office and destroys everything and everyone in front of it. This is your time to play the character, to express its anger (as well as yours). With simple directions and some tools (chainsaw and gun), you should destroy all of them and show them how monstrous you are.

Bubble Struggle 2: An Amazing Sequel

Your objective in the game Bubble Struggle 2 is to eliminate all the evil bubbles that are trying to kill you. You have to get rid of all the bubbles using your gun.  When you pop the bigger bubbles it will break into smaller bubbles.  You need to eliminate all the bubbles in each game level to advance to the next one.  Try to destroy bubbles repeatedly while they are in the air to be able to get the bonus combo points.  Be careful with the bubbles; do not let them touch you as you will lose a life when it happens.  These bubbles have different capabilities.  In addition, some game levels have ladders, pits and others that will surely boost your game play experience.  This game is highly addictive and fun with full of action. Try to pull through as long as possible by wiping out all the harmful bubbles.

Action Packed Bubble Struggle 2

Bubble Struggle 2 is the long awaited sequel to Bubble Trouble.  Just like in the first one, you again play the role of the cutest devil and your mission is to pop all the bubbles without letting them to touch you.  You need to get rid of all the dangerous bubbles with your weapon and if a bubble touches you then you lose a life.  Bigger bubbles will pop into smaller pieces.  The quicker you destroy the bubbles, the bigger points you get.  In some cases, you will see some collectible symbols dropped after popping a bubble and you need to get them as they will give you a variety of bonuses. The default controls for a Single Player are on your computer keyboard, and you move left and right through the Left and Right arrows. Shoot by pressing the Space Bar key. You can select the control buttons for the two Player game, or use the ones that are pre-defined for each player.