Play Strike Force Heroes games

Are you looking for some action-packed game to play on your spare time? Or for a game where you could direct your stress or madness? If you enjoy playing war-like games, look not too long, play the Strike Force Heroes game series and enjoy shooting all enemies on sight. Play all three series and judge which one is the best so far.


In Strike Force Heroes 1, you will go through three different game modes, fifteen campaign missions and many challenges. The graphics is already innovative which is captivating enough to capture online players’ interests. Strike Force Heroes 2 also has fifteen missions in the Campaign Mode, with a Tutorial at the start. The graphics is great, not too cartoon. However, of the three, the third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, is the most improved, in graphics and in play mode. You can play all installments for free at

In Strike Force Heroes 3, you will shoot and kill enemies in fifty missions, a tripled number of the missions compared to the first two installments. Video clippings were also embedded in the game, adding realistic effects to the game. It is said that the first twenty missions are in normal difficulty, the next nine in hard difficulty and the last twenty one being most difficult. But do not get disappointment. Your success in each mission will be rewarded. You could either receive cash, a new class of strike force heroes or probably both. You will be using your cash in upgrading your heroes. And winning in each level also unlocks the next level.

The story of Strike Force Heroes 3 began with a video clipping where GlobeX is having a meeting with his allies in an unknown or secret hideout. He made an army of clones of Strike Force Heroes and plan to deploy them all over the world. It is now your mission to find your former teammates and stop GlobeX’s evil plan once and for all.

All installments of Strike Force Heroes are as engrossing as ever. You will be shooting all enemies in sight. Grab some power ups too as you fight them off. Each level has different requirements on how you will win.

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