Play Vex 3 for free

If talking about online games where you will have an adventure of your life, you can count on that the Vex game series will give you that adventure. The Vex games are among the most popular games online. Players who like challenges will surely love them. Your skills and wit will be put into test.

You are to guide the stick figure as he goes on his journey. Find the exit door of each levels, or Acts as they are called in Vex. However, the stick figure’s quest is not safe at all. There are tons of deadly obstacles and traps along his way such as the buzz saw, spikes and laser guns. Guide him as he runs, jumps, swims or slides in his journey. Avoid at all cost those deadly obstacles along his way. Be very careful not to get in touch with them by any means. These obstacles are fatal to your stick figure. One touch, no matter how soft, will kill him.


Among the Vex game series, it was said that the best installment is the third one, Vex 3. There were a lot of improvements made. You can play vex 3 for free just like its prequels. You can still play in two game modes: the quest or the pre-developed game or the Stage Builder mode. In the pre-developed game, aside from having ten challenging Acts, there are also nine thrilling Challenge stages. See for yourself if you can survive in all nineteen stages by playing vex 3 for free.

In the Stage Builder mode, you can build your own Acts as you want them to be. One improvement in Vex 3 is the completion of the building tools. Unlike in the previous installments, you do not need to play the pre-develop game first to unlock building packs. In fact, you can right away play in Stage Builder first and create your own stages or acts. Even so, you can still find more tools when you play the pre-developed game.

Another change made in Vex 3 is the replacement of the Achievements room by the Trophies rooms. There are forty brand new trophies to collect as you play vex 3 for free. Challenge yourself to complete all trophies.

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