Rebubbled with Bubble Struggle 2

Bubble Struggle 2 is an action game sequel of the extremely popular game called Bubble Trouble.  It is a fun and addicting bubble shooting game wherein you play the role of a devil clad in a trench coat, yellow shirt and vibrant orange shorts.  Your goal is to eliminate hazardous bubbles by breaking them into smaller pieces.  However, you have to destroy them without letting the bubbles touch you.  At the start of the game like any other games, it would be easy but it gets tricky when you advance.  There are a lot of bonuses to gather like; extra time, protective shield, slow motion and many others.  Bubble Struggle 2 has three different game types.  In one player game, you have to go through numerous levels.  Two players, where you can play with a friend or a single level where you would be challenge to stay alive while shooting all the bubbles.

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