Red Ball 4 vol 2

The Red Ball game series is one of the most successful adventure physics-based games you will find online. The game is simple yet challenging enough. You will also find the cute little red ball adorable and cute as you make it roll and jump.

The game Red Ball 4 came in trilogy. The story started when while red ball is having fun in the park, a red ball turned into red square came. He was turned into a red square by an evil Black Square. Aside from him, there are other red balls held in captive in a deadly factory somewhere which would be turned into red square too. More so, Black Square intends to turn the world into a big square as well.

Red Ball decided to be the hero. He went on his quest to save the red balls and stop Black Square from his evil plans. In Red Ball 4 volume 1, he explored the grassy hills to head to the deadly factory. It was not a smooth journey, there were lots of black squares and other obstacles along his way. Yet, he made it through anyway.

Now in Red Ball 4 volume 2, Red Ball will be dealing with noxious obstacles and Black Square’s minions in the forest. More perils were added to make the game more exciting and challenging. More caution and wit are needed as you help Red Ball cross the forest to get to the deadly factory. And like in Red Ball 4 volume 1, you should collect all the stars as you go on your adventure for higher score. Do not forget to run through the red flags which are also checkpoints. Make sure that the flags go up whenever you pass. In case you die, you will be brought to the last checkpoint you have passed.


Red Ball 4 volume 2 has fifteen levels to travel on before you finally reach the deadly factory. Make it your goal to finish each level with a golden crown. In case you got silver or bronze crown, you can always play that level again. As you play, try to complete all sixteen Achievements.

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