Redball Online

If you want to play a fun game but at the same time will challenge your skills, try playing the Red Ball game series. Each and every installment will surely put your patience to test. Be ready to roll and jump as you try to overcome obstacles along your way. In Red Ball 4 volume 3, also known as Red Ball 6, you will surely enjoy the adventure that awaits you.

In Red Ball 6, it is your task to stop Black Square from his evil plan against the world. He plans to turn the whole world into a big black square. It is also your task to rescue all red balls which Black Square seized and intends to turn into red squares. Venture into the scary factory to find the Big Boss, defeat him and rescue your friends. However, it will not be a smooth journey. There are tons of deadly obstacles along your way. In addition to this fact, there are black squares too who will try to stop you. Do not let them touch you. Either avoid them or jump on them to kill them.

Your main goal in Red Ball 6 is to reach the end of each level. So help the cute little red ball as it rolls, jumps and solve some problems while it heads toward the end of the level. You will also find some checkpoints along the way. These are represented by small red flags which will rise up when you run through them. Be sure to make the flags rise up so the game will record your progress. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed.


There are also achievements to complete as you play the game. You may check what achievements you have already accomplished and what else to accomplish in the Achievements room. You will find the Achievements room at the bottom of the level select menu. There are sixteen Achievements for you to complete. The most difficult yet the most challenging achievement to attain is the Diamond Cup. You will receive it when you complete all fifteen achievements.

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