Who said Go-karts are slow and boring?

Your favorite plumber brothers are back. And they are racing in karts with style. Mario Kart 8 introduces new features that makes it more exciting than your usual racing game. Dodging banana peels, turtle shells and lightning are just some of your concerns aside from 11 other racers trying to get past you. Play and meet new friends across the world through Online Play.

Mario Kart 8 (2)

Mario Kart 8 now offers new tracks ,16 of them to be specific, new feature and power up, and an new weight class, the 200cc, in addition to the three original 50cc, 100cc and 150cc in the previous title. This means more race tournaments, more speed and adrenaline rush. You have 16 starting drivers, including the classic Mario and Luigi, and 14 more to unlock as you go on the game. The new anti-gravity feature allows you to drive on any wall, and even drive upside-down. While on Anti-gravity mode you can bump “bumpers” on the track to spin and bump other players also on Anti-gravity mode to give a speed boost on both of you. Other new power-ups are the Boomerang and Piranha Plant.

Make your unique vehicle design as you unlock parts and customize each character’s vehicle depending on the track you will race on. Different frames for body, wheels, and parachutes have its own different advantages and disadvantages. You can also choose between a car or a bike to use in a race. After a close and well-fought race, save and share the highlights of it using the Mario TV. You can share up to 60 seconds of highlight reel on YouTube on 720p.

If you are a Super Mario fan and a racing fan at the same time, Mario Kart 8 is definitely one of the games you must have and try. A fun-packed and action racing game which everyone can enjoy.

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