Win more in Duck Life 2

If you love to train pets, prove it once again by playing Duck Life game series. In this game, you will be training your duckling to be the best in flying, running, swimming and climbing in Duck Life 2. Grab your chance and make your duckling a real champ. In training your duckling, you need an unconditional patience and unusual techniques and reach your dream to be the World Champion.

The story goes this way. Being the first place in the first Duck Life game, the farmer had a dream to join more races. You as a player will play the role of the farmer and you are the one to train your duckling in swimming, running and flying. Do not forget to include climbing in your duckling’s skills. There is a saying that you cannot give what you do not have. So, be the first to be skillful in swimming, running, flying and climbing. Make your duckling as skillful as you and reward yourself for becoming the best trainer in the world.


During the training in Duck Life 2, get all coins if possible to add up to your cash. Your earned cash is very much useful for your duckling’s necessities. Your cash is needed in buying seeds for your duckling’s food. There are kinds of seeds prepared for your pet: the purple seed and the yellow seed. The purple seed is more expensive that the yellow one. The purple seed’s cost is fifteen dollars and the yellow seed’s cost is only one dollar. The purple seed has a big advantage in increasing your energy level compared to the yellow seed. Make sure that your duckling is always in a high energy level and always ready in a tournament.

However, in Duck Life 2, you have a Max Level. It is the highest level you can reach in all skills no matter how hard train. You need to pay fifty dollars for a ten-point increase to have your Max Level increased. Though, no matter how much dollars you have, there is still a maximum increase you can buy. Try to win the first place of every tournament to gain cash, to unlock accessories and to increase your Max Level purchases.

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